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Clint Payne

Senior Manager, Customer Experience, MultiChoice Clint needs no introduction among the South African CX community. He has long been a champion for customer experience, the CXPA and the evolution of our profession in SA. As someone who has built his career in customer experience and put CX theory to the test in the African context, he has a wealth of insights to share.

About this speaker

I first inherited the "Customer Experience" tag on my business card what must be a decade ago now. Back then, it was still new and not wholly understood (least of all by me), and all the rage.

Since then, I've lived this "Customer Experience" thing, sometimes stumbling, sometimes running, sometimes on my own, sometimes with a team and all the time learning. It's taken me some time to be comfortable with my CX tag, some time to feel like I can speak with authority on the subject in a world and web filled with so many varied opinions.

I found there’s a science to CX and learned what I could, adding CCXP and ACXP accreditations to that same business card. I’ve learned I love Voice Of Customer Measurement and Culture and entered my work in a couple of competitions all over the world – my trophy cabinet slowly filling up.

As my organisation has matured in it’s CX thinking, the opportunities to flex some CX muscle have improved. Currently I’m principal CX lead for a group-wide transformation – a bottom up rebuild of products, services and experiences, all inspired and lead by strong CX disciplines.

So here I am. Ready to speak with authority. I don't know if I'm always going to be right, but I do know I'll speak with conviction. Just ask my opinion on NPS if you need proof.


Creativity is key when it comes to Journey Mapping

Clint Payne

Q&A and closing

Clint Payne