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Sirte Pihlaja Minna Makki Pia Vaquer

Break & Networking - Finland track

A Talk by Sirte Pihlaja , Pia Vaquer and Minna Makki

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About this Talk

Multiple booths, tables and topics to choose from, each facilitated by a speaker or exhibitor. Choose the topic you are interested in and join the conversations.


CXPA booth Jonna-Mari Kivijakola

Shirute booth Sirte Pihlaja

Elisa booth Honain Derrar: Speech Recognition demo

Cemantica booth Esther Edelstein, Eytan Hattem, Ma'ayan Jowell & Julia Perez - Zrihen

Facilitated discussions:

Table 1 (Finland track & Global track) Henri Kirsi: Speech Recognition + Data = Business

Table 2 (Finland track) Mia Hartikainen: Fostering Creativity in CX

Table 3 (Finland track) Minna Makki: Share Your Eureka Moments of Today

Table 4 (Finland track) Pia Vaquer: B2B CX

Table 5 (Global track) Natalie Breitschmid: Taco Bell subscription model

Table 6 (Global track) Rosaria Cirillo: Happiness in business

Table 7 (Global track) Ruth Crowley: How the Retail landscape changed

Table 8 (Global track) Faran Niaz: Human & Digital CX-The Right Balance

Table 9 (Global track) Elena Rozanova: Involving teams in CX initiatives

Table 10 (Global track) Tue Sottrup: Product-Led Customer Success

Table 11 (Global track) Gregorio Uglioni: Service Excellence creates ROI

Table 12 (Global track) Mike Wittenstein: The Future CX

About The Speakers

Sirte Pihlaja

Sirte Pihlaja

CEO, CCXP, Best-Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, Trained LEGO Serious Play Facilitator, Shirute & CXPA Finland

Sirte Pihlaja's purpose in life is to make people HAPPY. She helps organisations become the best version of themselves. She is a highly skilled, international CX/EX advisor, keynote speaker, community creator and global bestselling author, recognised as TOP150 Global CX Thought Leader. She is passionate about sparking creativity through LEGO Serious Play.

Pia Vaquer

Pia Vaquer

Customer Success Manager, Puheet

Minna Makki

Minna Makki

Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), Customer Experience Lead, Etsimo Healthcare