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Tomas Granlund

Hub of innovation – future proofing the business

A Talk by Tomas Granlund (Vice President, New Business Development, Fiskars Group)

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About this Talk

Fiskars Group is made up of brands with roots that go back as far as​ 370 years.​ Having a history that long is great, but staying relevant in a changing​ world can be a​ challenge. We say: “Bring it on!”​

About The Speakers

Tomas Granlund

Tomas Granlund

Vice President, New Business Development, Fiskars Group

Tomas Granlund runs Fiskars Group’s “BRUK”, a hub founded to create new and innovative concepts and services at the heart of this very traditional business, with 370 years old roots. With a deep background in product and service development and a curious mind, he enjoys developing new ways of working and refreshing businesses.