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Balazs Szabo Krisztina Kanizsai Akos Tolnai Laura Tengerdi Andrea Hanyecz

Co-creation workshop (LIVE only)

A Talk by Laura Tengerdi , Andrea Hanyecz , Krisztina Kanizsai , Balazs Szabo and Akos Tolnai

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About this Talk

Co-creation workshop

18.05-18.15 Ice breaker, Krisztina Kanizsai

18.15-18.35 Ideation in small groups with ideation tools

18.35-18.45 Internal group discussion and voting

18.45-18.50 Gallery Walk as a tool to share and present, Krisztina Kanizsai

18.50-19.00 Break & networking

19.00-19.20 Story Boarding

19.20-19.40 Presentation and feedback

19.40-19.55 Ideas to be prioritised and turned into action plans, Krisztina Kanizsai

About The Speakers

Laura Tengerdi

Laura Tengerdi

CXPA Hungary Network Lead and Co-Founder, CXPA Hungary

Laura Tengerdi has over 25 years of marketing and branding experience. She has also work as head of customer experience and become a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).

Andrea Hanyecz

Andrea Hanyecz

Customer Experience Freelancer, CXPA Hungary

Senior Customer Experience Manager of Budapest Bank. Earned CCXP in 2018.

Krisztina Kanizsai

Krisztina Kanizsai

CCXP, Head of Design, Zoosh Group & CXPA Hungary Network

Designing loveable solutions that are derived from an understanding of the business, the customers and the technology building blocks to deliver exceptional customer experience. Helping startups and mature enterprises to realise the potential of great ideas.

Balazs Szabo

Balazs Szabo

Founder at,

Akos Tolnai

Akos Tolnai

Customer experience specialist, AbilityMatrix

Coaching, Customer Experience, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business Design, Sales, Design Thinking, Sales and Marketing, Sales Strategy and Management, Product Strategy, Product Marketing, Product Development, Business Strategy, Business Model Design, Business Planning