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Clint Payne

Creativity is key when it comes to Journey Mapping

A Talk by Clint Payne (Senior Manager, Customer Experience, MultiChoice)

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About this Talk

In his talk, Clint will share insights that he has gained through his extensive experience with journey mapping, including lessons learned and how his perspective has changed.

Clint believes that we've been going about journey mapping all wrong, and it's time to re-think this much loved CX competency and apply equal doses of creativity and practicality. Come to this talk with an open mind and be prepared to have your assumptions challenged!

About The Speakers

Clint Payne

Clint Payne

Senior Manager, Customer Experience, MultiChoice

Clint needs no introduction among the South African CX community. He has long been a champion for customer experience, the CXPA and the evolution of our profession in SA. As someone who has built his career in customer experience and put CX theory to the test in the African context, he has a wealth of insights to share.