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Alec Dalton

Showmanship Through Service: CX Lessons from the Hospitality Industry’s COVID Response

A Talk by Alec Dalton (Senior Manager, Global Quality, Marriott International)

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About this Talk

COVID-19 brought profound challenges to the hospitality industry, while also prompting rapid innovations in services and technology for the guest experience. Learn how hotels, restaurants, and related businesses used showmanship techniques to appeal to customers … and gain a CX communications framework you can apply to your own organization.

About The Speakers

Alec Dalton

Alec Dalton

Senior Manager, Global Quality, Marriott International

Alec Dalton is a well-known hospitality leader with a keen passion to expectional guest experience. He leads several quality management programs at Marriott International, and is Co-Founder and Partner of the Hospitality Leadership Academy. He infuses service science to his work to raise the standard for service excellence.