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Ville Rautio

Speech Recognition: Better customer service, conversational AI, and Experience Economy

A Talk by Ville Rautio (CTO, AI and Automation for CX, Elisa)

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About this Talk

In most of the companies, 80% of service is still based on speech and human contacts. Organisations are keen to drive their business with data, but so far speech has been an analog channel without any possibilities to get data out of it. This is about to change - also in the Finnish market.

Forerunners are already using Natural Speech Recognition (NLP) to turn all customer service contacts into valuable data. Data enables them to e.g. automate ticket flows, speed up resolving rates, and generate leads for sales automatically.

On the EX side, this opens up opportunities to improve resource planning and skills-based optimization.

Complexity & cost out - easiness and value in.

Please join Elisa also for a demo at their virtual booth to see how Speech Recognition speeds up and automates CX and improves ticket resolution rate!

About The Speakers

Ville Rautio

Ville Rautio

CTO, AI and Automation for CX, Elisa

Ville is experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the ICT industry.