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Tuomas Manninen Pia Hannukainen

Stepping up design maturity — lessons from OP Financial Group

A Talk by Tuomas Manninen and Pia Hannukainen

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About this Talk

Research shows that organizations who put effort on design and CX make more money. OP Financial Group has been a forerunner on utilizing design and user centricity. Tuomas and Pia will tell you how OP has taken advantage of design and increased design maturity, how the design work has been organized, and how they have measured the results.

About The Speakers

Tuomas Manninen

Tuomas Manninen

Competence Lead, Design, OP Financial Group

Tuomas Manninen has a long experience in design management and customer exprience management. He knows how to build design as a strategic competence.

Pia Hannukainen

Pia Hannukainen

Expert, Customer Value Creation, OP Financial Group

Pia Hannukainen is a design strategist and customer insight professional, D.Sc. in product development.